A Little Bit About Newtonian

We cut our teeth  starting, building and selling small to medium sized Oil and Gas companies. Involved with building teams, co-ordinating professional geologists, engineers, and  accountants in all aspects of  negotiation, exploration, production, land, business development,  and mergers and acquisitions. Budgeting and forecasting revenues and expenses is essential to any small medium and large companies, despite the industry that they are in. Constant business performance must be analyzed, tracked, and re-evaluated so as to determine strengths and weaknesses and allocate resources appropriately. Constantly changing capital markets, world economies, regulatory control, and  results require that allocation of resources, investments and corporate strategies often need to be evaluated, adjusted and implemented quickly to remain profitable in any industry. Having the right balance of experience, skills, knowledge and contacts is essential and that’s where we can help you.



Next Steps...

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